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Winter Fun in Minocqua Wisconsin

If you're going to play in the snow, it ought to be 3 feet of it! Minocqua, Wisconsin historically enjoys up to 65 inches of snowfall, on average every winter. With this much snow, it's easy to see why guests from all over make the trek to our resort to enjoy winter activities such as snowmobiling, ice fishing, snow shoe hiking and more!

Plus, Nitschke's Northern Resort enjoys a close proximity to one of the finest winter playgrounds in the north - Minocqua Winter Park. This not-for-profit town park is located on 6500 acres of pristine terrain containing over 45 miles of trails for your snow-themed enjoyment.

Below are just a few of the winter activities our guests take advantage of while visiting us 'up north'!


man snowmobiling on snow

Thousands of snowmobiling enthusiasts flock to the northwoods to experience hundreds of miles of beautiful, well-maintained snowmobiling trails throughout the Oneida and Vilas counties. "Sledders" can hop from town to town, passing by glistening pine trees and white-tailed deer.

Many stores and restaurants make special accommodations for traveling sledders, so they can drive up, get what they need and gear back up for the trails easily and comfortably! Snowmobile rentals available in town or bring your own and park your trailer for free while staying at our resort.


ice fishing hole

There's no better thrill than to see the flag fly on your tip-up on a crisp, bright, January morning. With a hot cup of coffee warming your hands, and your first catch already in the bucket, you're on a roll to making it a quite successful day!

Ice fishing draws people from all around the Midwest. Lake Minocqua, the lake our resort is located on, is a favorite for many reasons. First, Minocqua Lake offers a wide range of fish to go after such as walleye, bass, pike, panfish and more. Plus, after a day on the ice, guests can simply walk to their choice of 2 restaurants located right on the lake - The Thirsty Whale and The Boathouse. Then, a quick walk back over the frozen lake and you'll be back at your cozy cabin!


snow shoeing on snow

Snow Shoe Hiking is making a popular comeback and for great reason! It's an excellent work out and the perfect way to enjoy fresh air in the wintertime. Guests love gazing at the fresh, shimmering snow while taking in the sights and sounds of nature all around them. After all that hiking, it's comforting to know a hot cabin is waiting just for you!

When you are ready to enjoy a week or weekend up north, give us a call at 715-356-7795 to book a cabin. Most cabins come with a gas fireplace, fully-stocked kitchen and multiple private bedrooms so you're whole crew can come too!

Nitschke's Northern Resort, the best resort for ice fishing in Wisconsin!



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