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Things To Do

Lake Kauwaguesaga in the autumn

All of the Fun. None of the Traffic.

Whatever you want, whenever you want it, no matter your age, skill level or needs, Minocqua and the surrounding area has everything you could possibly want to do on vacation with none of the rush hour traffic!


Explore our list of things to do below, but don't be limited by our imagination, there's even more to do than this! 

Things to Do in Summer

  1. Swimming

  2. Boating

  3. Hiking

  4. Biking

  5. Shopping 

  6. Fishing

  7. Playing at our Beach

  8. Volleyball at our beach volleyball court

  9. Basketball on our grounds

  10. Go tubing behind a boat

  11. Pontoon the chain-of-lakes

  12. Horseback riding at the local trails

  13. Go Karts

  14. Mini Golf

  15. Visit the local Zoo

  16. Run around after your toddler

  17. Rest with your toes in the sand after chasing your toddler

  18. Take a jetski out on the lake

  19. Barbecue at our included charcoal grills

  20. Catch a fish off our lagoon

  21. Teach your child how to fish

  22. Walk the Bearskin trail into town

  23. Explore the woods

  24. Explore the swamp

  25. Explore the resort grounds

  26. Explore Minocqua

  27. Suntan on our lounge chairs

  28. Kick back, relax, and do nothing for a change

  29. Make a new friend

  30. Rekindle your marriage....uh wait..."gross, mom and dad are kissing"

  31. Take the boat over to the public docks and walk around

  32. Go ziplining 

  33. Go ATVing

  34. Buy firewood on site and sit around the fire

  35. Roast marshmallows and tell scary stories

  36. Catch a firefly...then let it go

  37. Catch a frog...then let it go

  38. Watch a turtle walk on by

  39. Watch the eagles soaring overhead

  40. See if you can spot a river otter floating on it's back in the lake

  41. and so, so, so, much more...

girl playing volleyball on resort grounds

Things to Do in Fall

All of the above summer things to do (minus swimming and suntanning of course) plus...

  1. Ride through the forest-lined, winding roads to see the breathtaking tree colors

  2. Hike the forest to see the leaves' colors

  3. Go canoeing

  4. Go kayaking

  5. Go loon watching

  6. Bundle up in a warm blanket, around the bonfire, and watch the stars

  7. Watch the deer fuddle about the grounds

  8. Watch the squirrels scramble for the last of the season's food

  9. Visit the Beef-A-Rama festival - listen to music, shop artisan goods, enjoy beef and beer, watch the rump roast race, and more (so much fun!!!)

  10. Rake leaves and jump in the pile ( suited for kids under 11)

  11. Ride your bike

  12. Enjoy peace and quite while watching the lake on our bench swing

  13. Take your dog for an early morning walk along the trail

  14. Take a leisurely boat ride

  15. Set up a tripod and paint a beautiful sunset over the lake

  16. Watch the sunrise or sunset over the lake

  17. Take colorful family photos with the bright colors of the tree leaves as your backdrop

  18. Sit in your cabin's 4-seasons sunroom and relax

  19. Relax

  20. Relax

  21. Relax

  22. and so much more....

wooden swing overlooking lake minocqua

Things to Do in Winter

All of the above summer and fall things to do, but with much warmer clothes on, and...

  1. Snowmobile

  2. Snowmobile some more

  3. Stop by a local pub to warm up, then snowmobile after that

  4. Ice fishing

  5. Downhill skiing

  6. Cross-Country skiing

  7. Go snow tubing

  8. Walk the woods in snowshoes

  9. Go ice skating

  10. Check out Snowmy Kromer - Minocqua's giant snowman
  11. Shop for Christmas presents
  12. Get a hot cup of joe at our local coffee shops

  13. Get a bowl of the area's best hot soup at Island City Café

  14. Play in the snow

  15. Build a snowman

  16. Walk the frozen lake just so you can say you did it

  17. Have a snowball fight with your kids - making memories to last a lifetime.

  18. and so much more...

winter on the resort showing lake and docks

Things to Do in Spring

All of the above fall things to do, but with a rain coat on plus...

  1. Be the first to drop in a line after fishing season officially opens up for the year (traditionally the first Saturday in May)...woo-hoo!

  2. Splash in the puddles

  3. Stomp in the mud

  4. Go ATVing in the mud 

  5. Walk the Bearskin Trail

  6. Take your kids on a rainy day bike ride and make memories to last a lifetime

  7. Watch wildlife

  8. Enjoy a picnic on the grounds

  9. Stay inside your cabin, and relax with your footsies in front of the fireplace

  10. Explore the nearest state park

  11. Drive leisurely, without a plan or purpose. Then, stop for a bite to eat with the locals in some random town and ask for directions on how to get back to your cabin. Why you ask? Because life's too short not to take foolish adventures for no good reason sometimes. That's why!

  12. and so much more.

Fun in the Rain with family at resort
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