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Road Trip Space Saving Hacks

Your annual trip to the Northwoods for a week-long vacation is almost here and we've got some crucial space-saving road trip hacks to start you off on the right foot!

When packing, it's important to only bring what you need, plan ahead, stay organized, and use every inch of your vehicle to save money, space, and hassle. Before you leave, remove all the non-essentials from your vehicle, and pack strategically. Here, we'll discuss some important tips for saving space and lowering the stress of packing for your Northwoods vacation.

Are you not yet signed up for a trip to the Northwoods? Well, give us a call today and we can help change that for you! 715-356-7795.

Research what you need to bring (and what you can leave at home.)

Perhaps the best way to save some room on your next road trip is by leaving things at home you don’t need. Thankfully, Nitschke's Northern Resort has a full list of items you may need and items you don't on our website.

But just as quick recap, all your kitchen gadgets, bedding (except pillows) and cleaning supplies are in stock. You'll also find grilling equipment, kitchen utensils and ice for sale on the property. Some things you will want to bring are towels, toilet paper, paper towels, garbage bags, dish soap, toiletries, clothes, swimming suits and smiles! (Good thing those don't take up much room!)

If in doubt, give the resort a call to ask about specifics.

Roll, don’t fold.

It may seem crazy to think that rolling your clothes rather than folding them will save that much room but it really does make a difference. There are tons of YouTube videos if you need help learning the proper techniques. When done the right way, not only will you have more room in your suitcase but your clothes will also be less wrinkled when you get to your destination. If you need to take towels, bedding, or beach blankets, rolling these items can help you save room as well.

Utilize inherent storage.

Make sure you utilize any inherent storage that your supplies offer. Drink coolers, picnic baskets, and beach bags should be used to store items. For example, keep your swimming supplies such as sunscreen, beach toys, beach towels, goggles, and any other aquatic equipment in the beach bag. Toss the garbage bags, toilet paper and paper towels into the cooler. *Bonus Tip - consider a vacuum-sealed storage bag to compress your pillows. It's easy to use (you only need a vacuum) and saves a ton of space caused by the air "fluff" of the pillows.

Use any outside storage available if possible.

Use a luggage rack on top of the car or a cargo carrier that attaches to your hitch if possible for adding even more storage. Kayaks can be transported on top of your vehicle and bicycles can be carted on the back of your car. You can also find waterproof storage bags that tie onto the luggage rack on top of your vehicle and can be handy for storing extra suitcases or other bulky items. Load up the outside of the car (safely and securely of course) to give yourself a little more leg room inside the car!

Pack The Car Strategically

When loading up the car, think strategically about how things can be arranged efficiently. Instead of tossing items in haphazardly, think about how they should fit together. Place larger items in first, then fill in all the nooks and crannies with smaller stuff.

Start in the back of the trunk and fill to the brim in the back before you move towards the front. Once the trunk can't fit another thing, then move to under the seat storage, in between the feet space, and in between the seats space. Be careful however, to not block your line of sight out of the back window. Safety first!

And last but not not forget to save room for the fishing poles and the kids! 😆

Thinking ahead about your next road trip will make your journey run more smoothly. Pack your bags, and hit the road, your vacation destination awaits!

Contact us to make a reservation at Nitschke's Northern Resort when you're ready to visit. Use the space-saving road trip hacks listed above before you head north.



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