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Holiday Fun: Top 5 Family Games to Play at your Holiday Party this Year!

The holiday season is synonymous with warmth, laughter, and good cheer. It's a time when the world outside may be blanketed in snow (or at least here in Minocqua, Wisconsin!), but the heart is filled with the warmth of family and friends.

Amidst the holiday treats and sparkling decorations, there's something else that can add an extra dollop of fun to these gatherings - silly, family games!

family playing Christmas games at the resort

Why, you might ask, are games perfect for holiday parties? Well, for starters, they are an instant ice-breaker. They create a fun, relaxed atmosphere that allows everyone to let their guard down and enjoy.

They're a fantastic way to get everyone involved, from little kids to grandparents, and they're inclusive - you don't need to be a gaming expert to participate.

Moreover, silly games bring out the child in everyone, reminding us of the joy of simple, unadulterated fun. They prompt laughter, lighten the mood, and create shared experiences that become cherished memories.

In short, they amplify the spirit of the holiday season, making it even more joyful and memorable. When family games are paired with a winter vacation in the Northwoods, it amplifies the experience, leading to long-lasting memories, cherished by everyone.

The importance of family bonding on holidays

The holiday season is more than just exchanging gifts and indulging in festive treats. It's a time for family bonding - for creating shared memories, building stronger connections, and nurturing the feeling of belongingness. Family games play a vital role in facilitating this bonding.

When families engage in games together, they're not just competing or cooperating within the framework of the game. They're also communicating, sharing, and learning more about each other. This interaction fosters understanding and empathy, strengthens familial bonds, and instills a sense of security and belonging.

family bonding over silly games at the resort

Moreover, these shared experiences become a part of the family's collective memory. They become stories to reminisce about in later years, strengthening the bond even further. In essence, family games are not just about present enjoyment, but also about creating lasting connections and memories.

This concept has been shown repeatedly by the families that visit Nitschke’s Northern Resort over the summertime. Typically, it’s the families who plan for and play games, host potlucks together and engage in group activities, that have collectively stayed at the resort for decades!

As the grandparents developed the tradition, the children carried it on, and the grandchildren engage in it, all the family members begin to see the value in bringing the family together with laughter for long-term bonding.

Top 5 family games and how to play them

Now that we know why family games are such a hit during the holiday season, let's dive into the top 5 games that you can introduce at your holiday party this year. These games are easy to play, require minimum setup, and promise maximum fun!

family and friends playing games during Christmas at the resort

1. Charades

Charades is a classic family game that never goes out of style. To play, you simply split into two teams. One member from a team picks a word or phrase (you can keep a holiday theme for added fun) and then acts it out without speaking. Their team has to guess what it is within a set time limit. This game is a riot of fun and laughter and guarantees a great time.

2. Pictionary

Another family favorite, Pictionary, is similar to charades but involves drawing instead of acting. Again, teams are made, and a member from each team has to draw a word or phrase while their team tries to guess it. You can make it more challenging by setting categories like 'holiday movies' or 'Christmas carols'.

3. Ping Pong Prizes

While this game does require a bit more set up, the rewards make it well worth the prep time! To set up: first, write unique numbers on the bottom of up to 30 red solo cups (ex. 1, 2, 3, etc…) then tape the bottom of the cup to a poster board in a grid pattern, hiding the numbers on the bottom from view. Then, place small gifts (candy, $1 bills, scratch-offs, dollar-store prized, etc…) into gift bags individually numbered using the same numbers from the red solo cups.

To play: one person tosses the ping pong ball at a time, standing roughly 6-10 feet away from the grid of red cups placed on the floor. If the ball lands inside a cup, that cup is removed, and the player gets the prize associated with the hidden number found below the cup. Each player takes a turn until all prizes have been won.

pingpong prize game at resort in Wisconsin

4. Holiday Bingo

Holiday Bingo is a festive twist on classic bingo. Instead of numbers, you have holiday-themed items or activities on the bingo cards. As the caller announces these items, players mark them off their cards. The first one to get a full row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) shouts 'Bingo!' and wins.

5. Saran Wrap Relay

This game is a hilarious game that requires zero skill and moves at a very fast pace! To set up, roll a giant ball of saran wrap (using 1-2 full rolls of saran wrap) alternating prizes throughout the ball as you wrap it tightly, cutting the saran wrap after a few rolls to make finding the “starter piece” harder during play.

To play, you set a 10 second timer for each player to take a turn trying to unwrap it as fast as they can to win whatever prizes fall out during their turn. Very little kids get an extra 10 seconds as it typically takes them longer to unwrap. It's a fun, chaotic game that's sure to bring on the laughter!

Making lasting memories with your family through play and laughter

family playing card game in Wisconsin resort

The holiday season is a magical time filled with joy, cheer, and love. By incorporating silly family games into your holiday party, you're not just ensuring fun and laughter; you're also facilitating bonding, creating shared memories, and adding to the magic of the season.

So, this holiday season, let's put down our phones, switch off the TV, and engage in some good old-fashioned family fun. Let's play, laugh, and create memories that we'll cherish for years to come.

If you want to move your holiday fun up to the Northwoods this year, call Nitschke's Northern Resort at 715-356-7795 to discuss winter cabin availability. The perfect backdrop for your holiday party, filled with games and laughter, awaits you.

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