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Help Us Keep the Spirit of the Pine Alive - Donate Today!

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the tragic effects of a recent storm this summer. On Sunday, July 25th, 2020 a severe thunderstorm hit the Minocqua, Wisconsin area bringing high winds and intense lightening. One bolt of lightening struck the 200+ old white pine tree found near the resort beach and cracked it almost clear in half. We found it the next day in rough shape. It was burned, broken and in need of immediate trimming.

white pine tree

The very next day, we had an arborist visit the property to assess the tree. What he found was that the upper half of the tree, including all limbs would need to be cut back to remove the danger of them falling at random. Unfortunately, this would kill the tree completely, but as he said, the lightening had already begun the process.

The arborist confirmed the age and species of the tree as being a 200+ year old white pine. This type of tree was exactly what brought Gus Nolan and the other loggers into town back in the late 1800's. After a span of just 10 years, they managed to cut down nearly all of the centuries-old white pines, but clearly left our tree where it stands.

As a centerpiece of the original Northern hotel & resort and now a staple at Nitschke's Northern resort, we feel it is essential to preserve this tree's legacy.

In combination with the advice of the arborist, we requested that the tree trimmers leave 24 feet of the trunk still intact. We called upon one of the nation's finest, custom, chainsaw sculpture artists to see what could be done. See his sketch below.

This simple sketch drawing of this project doesn't compare to what beauty this sculpture will bring to the property once it is completed. Since the initial drawing, we have since requested they also add a few more critters to truly capture the rich wildlife of the area.

Nathan & Erica Nuszkiewicz of Rhinelander, WI, owners of Potlicker Chainsaw Sculptures, have accepted our deposit and scheduled their soonest available time to begin work (August 2021).

We are beyond excited to bring life back into this tree that has been a staple at the resort and throughout the community for so long. Many bald eagles have made the bare branch on the north side of the tree their stopping grounds to look for fish in the water and pose for guest pictures. (See below) Based on the sculpture, it appears eagles will still be found perched upon their favorite landing post!

With all the joy this tree has brought us, it is now time to return the favor! We are asking for donations to help us restore the spirit of this tree with a beautiful carving down the full 24 feet length of it.

The estimate came in at $8,000 - every penny well worth it. The onsite managers of Nitschke's Northern Resort, Brigit Haucke and Don Wester (of Bri'Ash Management), have already contributed the first $1,000 as a deposit for the work. If we can't raise the remaining $7,000, we will lose our deposit and ability to capture the spirit of this beautiful, old white pine. Your help is greatly appreciated!

We are asking for donations in any size increment to be made out via check or money order and mailed to:

Bri'Ash Management

PO Box 583

Minocqua, WI 54548.

All donations must be received before May of 2021.



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