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First Time Ice Fishing Tips & Techniques

ice fishing hole on frozen lake minocqua

Ice fishing at Nitschke’s Northern Resort on Lake Minocqua is truly a great experience.

The perfect winter weather here makes it an ideal location for ice fishing - bright sunny days with an average temperature of around 15°F and cold, freezing nights to help thicken the layer of ice on the lake.

But aside from the great weather, the natural beauty while out on the ice also leads to this area being perfect for ice fishing. The wildlife, snow-glistening trees, big, beautiful lakes and endless supply of fresh air all lend themselves to an amazing experience out on the lake. And with patience and consistency, ice fishermen, women and kiddos can enjoy that big, exciting catch with little effort.

So, if you're looking to try something new while your on vacation up north, consider learning how to ice fish during your stay here at Northern Resort on Lake Minocqua. It can be an entertaining practice for all ages, especially if everyone dresses warm!

Northern Resort – The Best Resort for Ice Fishing

Our resort offers the perfect accommodations for ice fishing, as we are literally on the edge of the lake, meaning it won't take long to simply walk out to your new favorite spot from the shore. And when you're done, cold, and ready to get back to your cozy cabin, the walk home is just as short.

Not only will the HVAC heat welcome you back to warmth (no need to chop wood at our cabins), but a quick start of the gas or electric fireplace will warm your toesies once you get settled.

With comfortable seating, and a beautiful 4-seasons sitting room, you can kick back after a day of ice fishing and enjoy a hot cup of coffee or a cold beer (whichever you fancy), while overlooking nature through the picturesque windows.

Now that you know WHY ice fishing at Northern Resort is so great, let’s explore HOW to ice fish on Lake Minocqua!

Ice Fishing Basics:

trout in the snow after ice fishing them

1. Get in touch with a local bait store and ask them about the ice thickness. Ice fishing is a very real danger, so you must be cautious and plan ahead. Even given the expertise of the fellow at the bait shop, still carefully examine the lake for areas of thin ice before you walk out on it.

2. Understand local laws and obtain a fishing license. Make sure you know what kinds of fish you can catch and what size restrictions there are before you drop your first line in.

3. Don't forget to bring your auger. Be careful as you cut deeper into the ice with the hand ice auger. If you're using a power auger, learn how to use it before you go. You don’t want to spook off the fish before you even get started fishing!

4. If you're a beginner, do a little research on which rod, reel, and bait to use. Ice fishing rods are shorter than open water fishing rods, and the technique is quite different. Watch a few expert videos on YouTube before committing to your gear.

5. If the fish are biting at the lake bottom, drop your bait there first. Raise your line around 12-18 inches above the lake bottom and hold still. If they are not biting at that depth, simply raise your line another 12 inches and see if the fish take hold. Continue doing this for intervals of about 5 minutes at each depth to get a great feel for where the fish are hanging out below the surface. If you make it to the top and don’t get a single nibble, it’s time to pack up and move to a new spot on the ice.

6. After you gain some experience and are ready to commit to ice fishing on a more regular basis, grab yourself an ice shanty and set up shop on the ice! While they’re not critical for fishing in the winter, they sure do protect you from the cold wind and, let’s be honest, make you look like a pro!

guy fishing on frozen lake Minocqua

Nitschke's Northern Resort on Lake Minocqua is a fantastic place to ice fish. We’ve got plenty of easy access to the entire chain of lakes, tons of restaurants nearby to fill your tummy when you’re done, and comfortable mattresses to ease your body after a day on the ice.

Call 715-356-7795 today to book your winter fishing trip now!



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