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Fall Fun at Nitschke's Northern Resort

Fall is creeping it's way into northern Wisconsin. The leaves are getting ready to change (in a month or so), the night air is crisping up and soon, we'll be gearing up for the winter snowmobiling season. Geesh! Summer doesn't stay around long enough for me. How about you?

But just because the weather is shifting, doesn't mean there isn't fun to be had at Nitschke's Northern Resort. In fact, fall is all about family time. Spending a long weekend with the kids, getting them out in nature and doing fun activities that will make memories to last a lifetime.

fall tree colors in minocqua wi

Make sure you carve out some time to visit us soon! And when you do, here's just a tiny list of fun things to do this fall while staying at Northern Resort.

Family Fun at Northern Resort

There is so much to do here in northern Wisconsin during the fall. Some of the fun, family-friendly activities include:

Acorn Drop: Watch an acorn drop and listen closely to hear it lightly hit the ground below! It's a fun, unique tradition that we've been doing for generations. It teaches patience and can make for great quiet time with the kiddos.

Fall Colors: Enjoy the changing colors of our stunning fall foliage as you hike one of our many trails or take a boat ride. It'll be great for kids too who can make a leaf rubbing, a leaf lantern and other leaf crafts (check some out here), or just enjoy the colorful sight from afar with binoculars.

Bonfires: They're a perfect way to gather around with your family and tell ghost stories. Bonus points if you can come up with your own scary story to share! Bundle up, purchase some wood from the office, and get that fire going around one of our many firepits around the resort.

Family sitting around a bonfire at Nitschke's Northern Resort

Fishing: Some say the best time to fish for muskies is during the fall when the lake cools, the Muskies come closer to the surface and they're ready to fill their bellies before the first frost comes. Kids love fishing during fall as well, especially watching as the fish jump out of the water after they've been caught!

Fall Festivals: Many events happen during this time of year, including plenty for kids or adults (or both) like the Beef-A-Rama festival with its prime rib craft show and rump roast run, No-Frills Marathon, Northwoods Art Tour, Turkey Trot and more!

Fireplace Fun: Set up an indoor picnic in front of your cabin fireplace for some quality family time. Relax together, make some popcorn, share old memories wrapped in your favorite blanket and settle in for a chilly night!

Fall Activities: Enjoy some fun autumn activities when you stay for the weekend, like pumpkin carving, hayrides, apple picking or a local pig roast!

pumpkins on ground in minocqua wisconsin

Fall Color Road Tours: Take a leisurely drive down the winding, forest-lined roads of northern Wisconsin this fall and enjoy the "fall colors road tours" to enjoy the beauty of the changing leaves. There are three, local, state-certified rustic roads to choose from!

Kick Back and Just Listen: Simply come up north to sit back, relax and enjoy the sounds of fall in the outdoors - think chipmunks foraging, frogs croaking, acorns dropping, deer scurrying, crickets chirping, and loons calling. Yeah, we know, you want to make that drive now don't you!

Book a Cabin With Us Today!

If you've been considering visiting Minocqua in the autumn for a while now, but haven't, this is your year! Don't wait any longer to see what fall vacation life looks like at Nitschke's Northern Resort in Minocqua, Wisconsin! Book a cabin with us now and get ready for some of the best times of your life!

See you soon!



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