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Creative Ways to Save For Your Next Trip to the Northwoods

Let's face it: traveling isn't cheap these days, but who doesn't want to leave their kids with a fist full of memories "up at the cabin".

boy walking on pier at resort

Vacations, like the one you'll have up here, are the reason we work so hard the rest of the year - to enjoy life and the ones we love. What better way to do both than to take a trip to Nitschke's Northern Resort in Minocqua, Wisconsin and have a blast!

While you're here, you'll want to take in the sights, foods and adventures around the area. And you'll need some spare cash to get you around. We've compiled some creative ways to save money so you can spend it all when you get here.


Marie Franklin saved $40,000 in 13 years by saving every $5 bill that she received back in change. She explained that by paying in cash more often, you're likely to get more $5 bills which builds up your savings even faster. After a while, those $5 really start to add up. When asked, Marie said, "pocketing fives is an effective way to save because it's easy." Her method could earn you a quick $3,076 of extra spending cash in just one year - great timing for your trip to Minocqua!

money in bill fold


Some guests have told us about their method for stashing away trip money - they saved all their change. They said to start by finding a huge container (maybe a rinsed-out cheese-ball container or a big oatmeal cardboard cylinder) and cutting a small hole in the top to drop change through. Tape the container shut to reduce the likelihood of dipping into the pot. Use mostly cash for your day-to-day expenses and when you get home, empty out that change into the change container. In a very short time, quarters, dimes, nickles and pennies can add up to some serious spending cash!

woman stacking coins


According to Uber, the average earnings for a driver is between $9-$11 per hour after accounting for driver expenses. Not bad for an afternoon of driving people around. If you can make this work, save all your ride share money in a special account reserved only for your vacation spending money. After a year of ride sharing, you're likely to have a pocket full of cash when it's time to head north!

man driving car


If you're like 99% of Americans with heaps of excess things floating around your house, you may want to consider selling some of it. Having a rummage sale to get rid of old things can benefit you in two ways. First, you make room by letting go of things you never use. Second, you make money! Save all the proceeds from your yard sale until next summer when you visit Minocqua and have a blast!

rack of clothes


  1. Avoid Impulse spending - make shopping lists and follow them!

  2. Get hair cut at local beauty school - big discounts.

  3. Cancel cable, magazine subscriptions or streaming services. Pick only one to keep.

  4. Shop at thrift stores.

  5. Switch to all purpose artisan bar soap - can be used for shaving, shampoo, face & body.

  6. Turn down the heat and put on a sweater.

  7. Check out books from the library instead of buying them.

man at book store

DO YOU HAVE ANY MONEY SAVINGS TIPS FOR US? Contact us to let us know! Ready to plan your trip to the beautiful town of Minocqua, Wisconsin? Give us a call at 715-356-7795.

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