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Relax and Renew in Minocqua this Spring

Before we know it, spring will begin to peak through the frozen forest floor and vibrancy will once again return to the Northwoods area. During this time of renewal, it's natural, and important to care for yourself and your surroundings. Spring cleaning isn't an isolated phenomenon, it is an urge that many in the animal kingdom have to create a new, fresh space every spring.

forest in spring

What a better way to celebrate this precious time of year than a relaxing weekend away from the hustle and bustle of life in Minocqua. While the snow is melting outdoors, you could be getting much needed rest indoors (and at a great off-season price).

Nitschke's Northern Resort is the ideal place for rest and rejuvenation as our grounds are quiet and serene. Wildlife roam freely and playfully, providing hours of gazing entertainment from the warm comforts of your spacious cabin. We also happened to be positioned near many alternative healing modalities that can transform your stay into a self-care retreat.


Massage is one of the most relaxing forms of body care available to us. Book a massage with any one of the many massage therapists in the area and experience pure bliss as your body is awakened by the gentle kneading of firm hands. After your finished, relax in your 4-season sunroom with gas fireplace in your cabin and take an afternoon nap. Doesn't that sound heavenly!



Facials assist your body in sloughing off dead, old skin cells and encourage the formation of new, healthy cells. Similar to how the emerging buds on the trees push off the remaining old fragments of last year's leaves to make way for a fresh set of greenery, facials can be just as restorative. Visit a local spa and indulge.

woman getting facial


While spring time in the Northwoods does tend to be a bit muddy, a hike down the Bearskin Trail is well worth remembering to bring waterproof shoes. The fresh crisp April/May air and the bright rays of sunshine enliven your face as though it has been months since you've seen the sun (for some this may be true). The exercise clears your lungs and freshens your cells with the vibrant energy of Spring.

woman hiking at resort


Sometimes, the most important thing we can do for ourselves is to simply do nothing at all and rest. Book a cabin and plan to do nothing at all but enjoy the time away from life itself. Choose to sleep in until noon if you want. Spend the whole day in bed if you choose. Make breakfast at 4pm if you feel like it. Dedicate an entire weekend to doing only what you feel like doing.

If this sounds like your thing, call 715-356-7795 to book a cabin for April or May and begin planning your springtime vacation in the Northwoods.

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