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Last Chance for Winter Fun in Minocqua!

Dare I say we may see spring next month? Woot-woot!

But for now, we still have winter up here in Minocqua, Wisconsin and what a beautiful winter we have!

Check out these recent photos taken by a guest.

northern resort in winter

The image above is the view from the Bearskin Trail that runs through our property. It's an 18-mile trail that connects many sports and walking enthusiasts to the lakes and forests up here in the Northwoods. Our guests enjoy the mere 5 minute stroll from our resort to downtown Minocqua along this graveled trail. And with this beautiful view, who wouldn't!

Nitschke's Northern Resort in Winter

See the train bridge in the above photo near the right? That has been converted into a piece of the Bearskin Trail (mentioned above). This is the final stretch before stepping onto the pavement of downtown Minocqua where stores, restaurants and friendly faces greet you.

nitschke's northern resort western edge

The image above shows the view from the Western-most side of our property - the marsh. Breathtaking isn't it.

There truly are few things as beautiful as a winter in Minocqua. A fresh snow can cover every inch of nature, creating a majestic sight to see.

While some (including myself) love the peace and stillness of simply gazing over the frozen lake from inside the warmth of our cabins, some prefer a little more action. GOOD NEWS! We've got you covered there too.


There are tons of things to do during winter up here. As both a winter family vacation AND summer family vacation spot, we've got what you need to entertain your family...and with our off-peak season rates, at a pocket-friendly price!


sledding at northern resort

Ice fishing

ice fishing in minocqua


snowmobiling in minocqua

Watching the Squirrels Watch You

winter in minocqua with squirrel

And most importantly, hot cocoa around the fireplace after you get back inside...

fireplace hot cocoa

With all these fun things to do in Minocqua in winter, it's a wonder why you haven't ventured up here yet! Winter will be over before we know it and we'd love for you to experience it with us. Give us a call today to reserve a cabin and we'll let you know the SWEET DEAL we've got going on THIS MONTH ONLY!


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