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What's Going on Up North?

Let's Start off with ... The Lakes are Coming to Life!

lake minocqua

For those of you who enjoy coming up north to go fishing, I am happy to report that the vegetation is growing in quite well. The lily pads are starting to show and I've seen plenty of little fish moving around in the lagoon. It looks like spring is finally rearing its head and I'm hopeful this warmer weather is here to stay. With warmer weather comes fishing of course. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, the Minocqua, WI area has everything you need to enjoy your vacation fishing just about anything you wish.

If your interested in fishing for Smallmouth Bass, I just stumbled upon a great resource called Northwoods Bass Fishing Adventures. Click here to view the seasonal calendar, strategies and regulations on Smallmouth Bass fishing. They also discuss lake conditions, Oneida County specifics and more!

The Alcohol is Ripe for the Drinking!

minocqua drinking

Northern Waters Distillery has reported that their Citrus flavored vodka has finished distilling and is ready for tasting. They've also said that their next double barrel release will be this Memorial Day weekend. It's a "Buck Shot" whiskey and could be from either the Vanilla Porter barrel or the Russian Imperial Stout barrel. Check out their website to see which one they end up choosing to tap!

4th of July Parade Theme Has Been Chosen

Minocqua WI Fourth of July

As always, The Minocqua Area Chamber of Commerce website is featuring tons of activities and events for this summer. One of which, is the 4th of July parade! You can sign up online if you are interested in creating a float to join in this year. The theme is "Hometown Heroes" - honoring local men and women that serve our country and local community. This includes police officers, EMT, fire fighters and other service members. What a great way to show them your appreciation. Make a float, be in the parade and have a blast this year on the Fourth of July. So much fun!

Nitschke's Northern Resort is Getting Ready for Summer

cleaning cabins northern resort minocqua wi

We have been scurrying around here like the squirrels getting our cleaning, weeding, scraping, scrubbing, washing and more finished. As you can imagine, spring is a busy time for us getting the grounds ready for another summer season. Just as you probably do at your own home, we have furniture to move, lawn decor to set out, winter debris to clean out and windows to wash. And that's just the start! We've also been busy getting all the cabins ready on the inside.

Every spring, we require each cabin to be deep cleaned from top to bottom...literally. Every dish in the cabinet gets washed. Every window, ledge and piece of furniture gets wiped down and sanitized. Every baseboard, light fixture, floor and wall gets a scrubbing. We even launder every piece of fabric in the home such as blankets, sheets, towels, rags and curtains. And if I'm on duty, I'm taking a toothbrush to the bathroom grout! I'm telling you by the time we get done cleaning these cabins you could eat off the floors they're so clean...although we do not recommend it *wink*wink*

Soon, we'll be tidying up around the beach, lagoon and fire-pits. Picnic tables will come out and the barbecue grills will be readied. My goodness, I can almost taste the brats, hamburgers, grilled fish and steaks now! Who's with me! Ha.

northern wisconsin cook out

I can't wait to see all of your again this year and if you've never been, I encourage you to give us a call to book your reservation now. Cabins are very limited already and with all this good stuff going on, I'm confident you won't want to miss a thing. From derbies, to craft shows, from beer fests to beef-a-rama, this summer is sure to be the best one yet! Call us today to book your cabin at 715-356-7795.

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