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10 Road Trip Hacks for your next Northwoods Adventure

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Are you planning a road trip up to the Northwoods soon? We looked around for the 10 best road trip hacks to make your visit that much smoother.

1. To maximize space in your suitcase, which should help eliminate the need for multiple bags AND to prevent your clothes from wrinkling, roll your clothes and stack neatly. Image credit lzf /

neat clothing

2. Pack a cooler with easy to make food like sandwich fixings, salad fixings or the classic PB & J. By keeping the ingredients separate, instead of preparing sandwiches and salads before hand, you can choose what sounds good at the time and fix it up fresh. Make sure you pack paper plates, napkins and utensils to prepare the food. When it's time to eat, make it fun by stopping at a local park and setting up shop at a picnic table. More memorable and more economical than a drive through.


3. Don't waste your money on plastic water bottles. Grab a togo water container from your house (if you're like me, you have tons laying around) and fill a washed out milk carton (or two) full of water. This will allow you to get fresh water throughout the ride and prevent unnecessary waste from entering the landfill. It's also budget friendly.

water bottle

4. Print and laminate a map of your road trip for the kids to follow along. It helps give them something other than electronics to entertain them and teaches them about maps along the way.

map of paris

5. Buy a multiple port car charger so everyone's devices can stay charged without having the argument about who needs to charge first because their battery is the least charged. (oh, that's only in my family?)

6. Find the cheapest gas fill ups on the road with "Gas Buddy" an app that shows you gas station prices near you and along your journey.

7. Grab a good-ol' fashioned pad of Mad Libs. Not only does this provide at least an hour of entertainment that again, does not require electronics, but if your kiddos are still young, it helps them learn their parts of speech. (It helped me relearn some too!)

8. Use a cleaning caddy to store all types of fluids your car may need on the road. Image credit Pez-guy-nolan


9. Use a cereal container and a plastic bag for a spill proof garbage can. Image credit

cereal container

10. Put together an Emergency Roadside Kit just in case you get stuck on the side of the highway. Keep a tire jack, flares, gloves, hat, boots, heat blanket and a flash light in an airtight container in the truck. While you may never need it, you sure will be happy if you ever do!

Use the above road trip hacks and let us know how things went when you get here.

If you are one of the many staying with us over Christmas vacation, drive safe, pack warm clothes and bring a camera. All of the trees covered with fresh snow in the Northwoods is next to perfection; you'll definitely want to get it on film.

If you haven't yet booked your holiday trip, contact us today at 715-356-7795 or book online as space is limited. And don't forget to bring your snow mobiles, cross-country skis and warm boots. You're going to need them living the Northwoods winter life. I can't wait!

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