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Wildlife to See in Minocqua

Minocqua, located in an area of northern Wisconsin referred to as the Northwoods, is a prime vacation destination. This quaint town boasts vast waterways, lush forests, crisp, fresh air, and ample wide open spaces that draw in thousands of tourists every year.

There is something here for everyone whether you enjoy boating or jet skiing, hiking, or ATV riding during the warmer months and plenty of snow activities such as snowmobiling, ice fishing, and skiing during the winter months. And chances are if you’re lucky, you’ll get the chance to encounter its native wildlife in the process.

gallery of images of animals in Minocqua

Out on the lakes of Minocqua, you will likely spot the common loon. This diving waterbird spends the majority of its time out on the water, only coming to shore to nest.

You can fish for Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass, Musky, Panfish, Walleye, and the Northern Pike. Musky fishing is a popular sport in Minocqua where the Musky grow to an impressive size.

If it’s quiet out on the lake, you may spot a playful river otter or two. These fun loving animals often stay grouped with their families. During the winter, they love to slide around on the snow and ice on their bellies.

Walking or riding trails in the forest will give you the chance to scout out some other wildlife local to northern Wisconsin.

You may see a red fox hiding on the edge of the trees or a deer grazing in a meadow. Deeper in the forests you may spot a rare black bear. Just remember to keep your distance and always respect the animals’ need for safety and security.

variety of animals found near Northern Resort

The gray fox, also known as the “tree fox”, is an elusive animal that is usually hard to find. They keep to themselves and usually hunt for food at night but if you’re lucky you might just get a glimpse of one during the day.

Bobcats also roam the forests of the Northwoods. They are usually pretty scarce during the day and become most active at dusk, dawn, and nighttime. Daytime excursions should ensure you won’t run across one of these creatures.

Perhaps coolest of all are the common sightings of the bald eagle. Catch a glimpse of this majestic creature from the front porch of your cabin or even from the deck of your boat.

Minocqua is home to a wide array of amazing wildlife that you might not see at home. Come book your stay at Nitschke's Northern Resort today and see what adventures await you!

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