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How to Stay Healthy While Traveling in The Winter

Traveling to the Northwoods can be one of the best remedies for cabin fever and the wintertime blues. Engaging in outdoor activities provides fresh air, sunshine and exercise, all things recommended to help elevate your mood and refresh your mind; however, all that chilly, outdoor air also increases your risk of getting sick. Not to mention all the new, foreign germs you come in contact with during your road trip here.

woman driving car

Lucky for you, we've compiled a list of 5 things you can do to stay healthy while traveling to Nitschke's Northern Resort this winter! When you're ready to book a cabin with us in Minocqua, call 715-356-7795 to inquire about what kind of winter specials we have!

Tip # 1 - Eat Healthy Foods

Eating nutrient-rich foods provides your body with the antioxidants needed to fend off colds and flues. Healthy foods fuel your immune system, strengthen your body's defenses and encourage rapid recovery from exposure to germs and viruses. In fact, eating healthy foods during the winter time is like hiring private ninjas to attack any harm that could come your way. So, while road tripping, be sure to pack fresh fruits and vegetables and avoid stopping at the drive-thru. Prepare foods in re-usable containers the day before so you can enjoy a stress-free travel day with plenty of healthy foods at your fingertips.

bowl of fresh fruit

Tip #2 - Wash Your Hands Regularly

Traveling can expose you to many new and foreign germs, bacteria and viruses. Protect yourself by washing your hands at every gas station stop, after using the bathroom, before you eat and when you arrive. This preventative measure could be the difference between a day on the snowmobiles and a day sick in bed while on vacation. A simple act with a HUGE impact!

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Tip #3 - Get Plenty of Sleep

"Aww, shucks." - said no one ever about having to get more sleep! Sleep is essential for your body to regroup and react to the day's challenges. Sleep encourages detoxification, healthy cell formation and digestion, all things required by your body to keep it healthy. Make sure that you plan ahead of time to get enough sleep the night before your road trip and the night after your road trip at bare minimum. While you're here, enjoy a good ol' fashion sleep-in every morning to maintain those sleep hours as well! A well-rested body is one of your best defenses against getting sick on your vacation!

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Tip #4 - Avoid Alcohol & Stay Hydrated

Ok, ok. Yes I know I am speaking from a state who has more bars than grocery stores (almost 3-to-1) and ranks third highest in bars per capita, but the fact of the matter is that beer does not provide the kind of water your body needs to stay hydrated to fend off colds. So, either avoid alcohol or drink twice as much water as beer. Yes, you will run to the bathroom at an alarming rate, but at least you will reduce your chances of getting sick while up north. Plus, you'll have a great time while doing it! If at all possible, increase your water intake by 16 ounces per day while traveling to assist your body in detoxification and rejuvenation of cells.

pouring beer

Tip #5 - Get Exercise

This tip won't be hard once you get up north with all the outdoor activities you can engage in up here. From ice fishing to sledding to cross-country skiing, Minocqua has a wealth of opportunities to get fresh air and plenty of exercise. Activity is one of the best ways to prevent illness as it encourages a positive change in antibodies and white blood cells, needed by your immune system to fend off germ invaders. Before you leave the house for your trip to the Northwoods, make sure to put on your walking shoes. Schedule a stop every hour or so to take a brisk 5 minute walk. Stretch your muscles briefly and hop back in the car! Doing so can move your blood and prevent the sluggish feeling many can experience while traveling from lack of movement.

walking up steps

That's it! Follow these 5 tips to stay healthy during your travels this winter. When your ready to make the trek to the Northwoods of Wisconsin, make sure you book a cabin with us, Nitschke's Northern Resort. See you soon in good health! Call 715-356-7795 today to book your cabin.



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