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Best Fishing Blogs to Follow This Year

Make no mistake, the world has shifted from the onset of the coronavirus. People are finding themselves with more downtime than ever before. We can view this as a time of scarcity, fear and uncertainty, or we can view this as a time to develop our skills and refine our values.

Many people and businesses are taking to online platforms to offer a wealth of knowledge for free! Of these, there are many who focus on the topic of fishing. While we are isolated, we can use these resources to gain more insight into how to become a better fisherman. Then, when restrictions lift and life resumes, we can all come out with refined skills; ready to finally catch the big one! Take a look at the few we've come across and feel free to tell us about ones you know of and enjoy.

man fishing

Not only do these guys provide a wealth of knowledge, they're also fellow Wisconsin fishermen. On discussing a tool used to prevent killing fish during catch & release, they had this to say, "When panfishing, Gill Shield allows you the freedom to fish multiple lines at the same time. Having a bobber go down while you’re busy reeling in a different line is no longer a problem - Gill Shield will prevent panfish from swallowing the hook, ensuring a clean hook up." (source)

This blog is excellent for any type of fishermen and the women who support them (or in some cases, vice versa those roles). Featuring recipes for your daily catch, teaching children fishing safety, how to refine your skills while stuck indoors and so much more. Complete with videos and resources to aide in your fishing ventures.

A local favorite for bait and tackle, Kurt's Island offers as many online resources as they do in-person comedy. Their main blog feature is the Minocqua Area Fishing Reports, a weekly resource for those up north fishing.

man holding fish

When you need a good chuckle, head on over to Field & Stream's funny fishing stories section of their blog. Highlighting others' mistakes in a jovial manner. While these stories won't help you refine your skills, they will certainly lift your spirits while stuck indoors!

This blog highlights, in specific detail, the tools and skills needed to catch the big musky this year! Topics include casting versus trolling, which technique is best based on the season, cold weather fishing tips and so much more. With a wealth of information on muskie fishing, this blog might be just what you need to gain that competitive edge!

Are you ready to get away for a weekend fishing trip? Are you itching to get out and explore the waters up north? Great!

Nitschke's Northern Resort is perfectly situated directly on Lake Minocqua in Minocqua, Wisconsin. Our cabins are equipped to house your entire family or a handful of fellas needing to get away. With the best views of nature in town, our resort is the perfect spot for your next fishing trip. Call us today to book a cabin 715-356-7795.



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