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A Beautiful Poem Honoring Our Great White Pine

From the kind heart of a beloved guest of Nitschke's Northern Resort comes this beautiful poem honoring the 200+ old pine tree that once presided over all the beach activities at the resort. Now awaiting the process of a memorial carving, the old pine tree stump continues to stand tall, at over 20 feet high, continuing to show its glory and history to all guests who return year after year.

(Image below recounts a regular guest, always seen perched atop one of the pine tree's branches before it was struck down by lightening.)

bald eagle in tree in minocqua

While the carving plans have been established, we are still in need of additional funding to secure the completion of this masterpiece in the fall of 2021. No donation is too small. Every penny counts. Please click here to view instructions on how you too can take part of honoring its legacy.

Thank you M. K. for this gift...

Great White Pine

Two centuries, you grew, watching!

Summer Diamonds Sparkling

Off Sky Blue Waters Edge,

Winter Midnight Moon Twinkling,

Off the Warm Blanket, Silent,

Pure White Snowy Friendship!

Suddenly, one day as if

Mother Nature is calling.

Strong Winds & Blinding Light

Like the Ojibwa Legend of

The Great Papoose Tree,

You Were Struck Down.

Now, Losing Half Your Stretch,

Your Green Branches to the Sky.

We Miss Your Towering Granduer,

Your Glory, Standing Humbly,

At the Lapping Tears

Of Lake Minocqua Shore.

Oh, Dear Friend

we cannot leave you

to the anonymity of the wood pile.

We called to the Heavens for a Miracle-

The Healing Hands and Hearts Answered

To Uplift Your Spirit and Noble Presence!

Therefore in Grace and Joy!

Oh Great White Pine,

Your Comforting Presence

Reminds Us Why We Came Here!

You Remind Us of Your Gentle Peace,

Of Minocqua, or the great Ojibwa name,

"Ninocqua," Of the Noon-Day Rest

A Rest so Deep of the Ojibwa People.

Peace to you!



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