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Winter Wonderland in the Northwoods!

There are few things as beautiful as a winter in the Northwoods. After a fresh snow, it's as though every surface has been covered in white. The sunshine glistening on all those ice crystals almost blinds your eyes. The crisp air envelopes your lungs as you step outside. Maybe you see an eagle flying over the frozen lake or experience absolute stillness as you gaze into the forest.

Regardless of what you are doing or who you are with, there is always peace found in a fresh snow in the Northwoods. It's breathtaking and we wish more people could experience this with us.

Over the years, many families have started traditions at our resorts. Some have invited their entire extended families to stay a week during the Holidays/New Year break from school. We've enjoyed watching families come year after year and the evolution of their celebrations from little more than opening presents, to a full blown cookie/decoration/holiday explosion.

And it's a practical time to join us as well. Our rates are lower, but our service and accommodations are still top notch. Think about all the memories YOU can create cuddling up next to the fireplace, watching the snow fall outside your heated sunroom enjoying time with friends and family.

Can you feel it! Of course, I'm completely partial, but there's nothing like it in the world. Check out these photos of a fresh light snow up here (wait until I post some of our blizzard-like snows) and make your holiday reservation today.

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