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Water and Boating Safety Tips While Enjoying Lake Minocqua

If you ask any guest of Nitschke's Northern Resort what our best amenity is, they'd say the lake! Our resort sits directly on Lake Minocqua with direct access to the only, private, sandy beach on the lake. Not only do we have a beautiful beach along one edge of the property, but we also have enough boat slips for each cabin to park a boat along the other edge. With all this water and boating access, we thought it would be a good idea to review some safety tips to make sure that everyone returns from their Northwoods vacation in one piece!

Following these rules and recommendations are a surefire way to ensure you get home safely. Family vacations up north are the things memories are made of. Have fun, always wave at passing boats and hoot & holler until your throat hurts! Just be sure to stay safe on the water!

interior boat of guest of northern resort

In addition to these rules set forth by the Wisconsin DNR, we recommend the following:

Tell someone where you are going and when you'll return. If something happens, you'll have back-up on the way!

Be smart, cautious and return home safely. Don't use excessive speeds. Slow down when crossing the paths of other boaters. Don't get out of your boat while on the lake to swim as other boaters may not see you in their path. Be careful when allowing small children and pets on board. Keep a close eye as accidents can happen in an instant!

Summarized - Please click above link for full boating regulations.

No Alcohol on boats. "Never use drugs or alcohol before or during boat operation. Alcohol's effects are greatly exaggerated by exposure to sun, glare, wind, noise, and vibration."

Lifejackets. "Have a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket for each person onboard and one approved throwable device for any boat 16 feet and longer. The DNR recommends that everyone wear their life jackets while on the water."

Check Your Equipment Before Launching. "Have operable boat lights - Always test boat lights before the boat leaves the dock and carry extra batteries. Have a fire extinguisher... Open all hatches and run the blower after you refuel and before getting underway. Sniff for fumes before starting the engine and if you smell fumes, do not start the engine."

Emergency supplies. "Keep on board in a floating pouch: cellphone, maps, flares and first aid kit."

first aide kit to take on boat on lake minocqua

Be Weather Wise. "Regardless of the season, keep a close eye on the weather and bring a radio. Sudden wind shifts, lightning flashes and choppy water all can mean a storm is brewing. If bad weather is approaching, get off the water early to avoid a long waiting line in inclement weather."

Loading Your Boat. "Overloading a boat with gear or passengers will make the boat unstable and increase the risk of capsizing or swamping. Abide by the boats capacity plate which located near the boat operators position."

Obey Navigational Rules. Observe "Slow No-Wake" signs as posted. After launching boat, maintain slow speeds until a safe and legal distance from the launch.

Use Appropriate Seating. "Never allow passengers to ride on gunwales or seatbacks or outside of protective railings, including the front of a pontoon boat. A sudden turn, stop or start could cause a fall overboard."

crane resting on top of pontoon boat on lake minocqua

Following these rules and recommendations are a surefire way to ensure you get home safely.

Are you ready to experience all the summer water fun at Nitschke's Northern Resort - voted the BEST family resort in Minocqua (by our mothers)? Great! Give us a call to discuss availability and pricing. 715-356-7795. See you soon!



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