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Native Plants Found in the Northwoods

Those who have traveled to Minocqua, Wisconsin, especially during the summertime, are likely to argue that this region is one of the most breathtaking areas in our nation. The forest and lake areas are home to a rich variety of wildlife that take visitors by surprise.


Towering overhead, tree canopies appear to paint the sky with textured green foliage and deep brown branches. Underfoot, however, lives a unique world of blossoming flowers, wispy ferns and lively vegetation. Join us as we explore a handful of common, native plants found blooming around May and June in Oneida County.

Wood Anemone - Anemone quinquefolia

The Wood Anemone is a small perennial (grows back year after year) with 5 petaled white flowers. This native can be found wherever moist, saturated soils exist and when left to its own accord, will cover the ground of an opening on the forest floor. A real beauty to look at while hiking down the Bearskin Trail.

resort flower
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Canada Mayflower or False Lily-of-the-valley - Maianthemum canadense

Another pretty plant covering our forest floors is this "false" Lily of the Valley look-a-like. It blooms tiny white flowers from May through June and it's flowers have a very pleasant aroma. The Canada Mayflower grows no larger than 6" tall and produces red, speckled fruit that the wildlife love. Native American folk medicine indicates its use as a treatment for headache and sore throat. Some herbalists note that while edible, the ripe berries are very acidic and can produce stomach upset if eaten in high amounts. For this reason, and a few others, please do not try consuming this while at our resort! Thanks! 😉

flowers found at Minocqua Resort
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Dwarf Raspberry - Rubus pubescens

This bright, red, berry-producing plant can be found all over the northern Wisconsin region. While the fruit is edible, its flavor is quite tart and produces far less pulp than it's traditional raspberry cousin. Blooming white flowers from May through August, this native plant will keep your attention all summer long and keep the wildlife well-fed all season.

flowers found near Northern resort
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Bigleaf Aster - Eurybia Macrophylla

This big guy has lush green foliage near the ground with huge 4-8" leaves, thus the name. The most showy aspect of the plant is all of its greenery, even though it produces tiny purple and yellow ray florets from August through October. The Bigleaf Aster is found all across northeastern Wisconsin. While hiking the trails, you're likely to find him in open wooded areas and clearings inside forests. This plant has been used extensively among the Ojibwe people (a tribe of Native Americans who once dwelled freely over these lands). They cook the young leaves as greens, use the root tuber for a multitude of things and "bathe their heads with an infusion of this plant to treat headaches." (source)

common flower found at northern resort
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Have you ever hiked the Bearskin Trail? Do you want to? It's an 18-mile, old railroad track converted into a hiking trail that happens to run right through our property. Walking the trail, many guests have experienced the sheer joy of spotting these local, native plants, as well as eagles, frogs, deer, chipmunks, turtles and so much more! If this sounds like a walk in the woods you don't want to miss, then give us a call to reserve a cabin now! We can't wait to meet you! 715-356-7795



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