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Carefully Navigating the Roads this Winter

Heading out on the open road for a winter getaway to the Northwoods of Wisconsin can be just what the doctor ordered to beat those wintertime blues. However, traveling during this time of year also requires a little extra planning and an awareness of your surroundings to ensure you reach your destination safely.

snow covered trees down Hwy 51 in Minocqua WI

You never know when you could encounter inclement weather heading up Hwy 51 and it really only takes a little extra effort to make sure you are fully prepared for whatever comes your way.

If traveling to Nitschke's Northern Resort by car, it’s a good idea to have it serviced before heading out on your journey to make sure everything is in tip-top condition. You do not want to be broken down by the side of the road during frigid temperatures, although the friendly locals around here are sure to stop and help if you do. Either way, it's still a good idea to have your tire pressure and treads checked, fluid levels filled, and fresh wiper blades put on.

According to AAA, keep the following 3 tips in mind while navigating icy, snow-covered roads:

1. Snow-covered roads are sure to decrease your tires ability to grip the road. Be sure to drive slowly and increase the amount of distance between you and the car in front of you since it will take longer for you to stop your car. (A distance of about 5-6 seconds is good.) Avoid accelerating or decelerating quickly which is sure to increase the likelihood of your car sliding on any ice and try to avoid stopping altogether especially when going uphill.

bird eye view of snow covered trees in minocqua wi

2. Keep your car stocked with some emergency supplies that you hopefully will never use. In case of a breakdown, you would need several blankets, sweatshirts, thick gloves, and other extra winter clothes to keep warm. It’s a good idea to have handy a flashlight, ice scraper, cell phone charger you can plug into your vehicle, and emergency flares. Stock up on other necessities such as bottles of water and nonperishable food items like granola bars, trail mix, or peanut butter crackers and never let your fuel tank get below half full.

3. Check the weather forecast before you head out. If any winter storms loom, try to find an alternate route around the storm or change the timing of your travel if necessary. Don't worry, we'll keep your cabin nice and toasty warm for you when you do eventually arrive. Safety first!

While there are a few extra things to prepare for when traveling in the winter, it is also a beautiful and serene time of year for a getaway in the Northwoods. Just follow these tips to ensure you are prepared and ready for your Northern Resort winter vacation!

winter scene outside of nitschkes northern resort



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