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5 Fall Lake Fishing Hacks to Catch the Big One

When you think of catching the big one, fall is not normally considered the ideal time of year to fish. However, there is nothing more soothing to the soul than to sit swaying in your boat on the clear glass lake of Lake Minocqua.

Or to view the brilliant fall foliage both on the trees and reflected in the water, fishing pole in hand. Or, to spend quality time with your family, enjoying the thrill of trying to catch the next big one while teaching the younger generation both patience and skill. With a little forethought, fall can actually be a great time to go fishing.

We’ve got you covered with some fall lake fishing hacks to ensure you catch the biggest one yet. And when you're ready to get away to the majestic Northwoods, make plans to stay at Nitschke's Northern Resort. With boat slips included with every cabin and a location right on Lake Minocqua hard to beat, we're your #1 choice for fall, lake fishing.

man with grandson fishing off lake Minocqua

1.) Bait

Fishing during a transitional season like fall may require you to change up the bait you use to ensure a successful trip. Due to the upcoming hard freezes that winter brings, the metabolism of fish will slow down as will their appetite. Fall is the time to conserve their energy. The bigger your bait is this time of year, the better your chances as fish would rather have fewer but bigger meals. Good baits to try would be spinnerbaits and bulky jigs.

2.) Location

During fall, scout out deep structure for your large catches, typically between twelve and twenty-five feet. If you are unsuccessful there, check for large rock piles, brush, and other isolated cover. If all else fails, zero in where the schools of baitfish are located.

3.) Temperature

While there is no magic daytime temperature that means the fish are out and biting, aim for a mild fall day. Temperatures that are too cold, or even too high, can shock the fish. They may not be moving freely until they’ve had time to adjust to the drastic temperature changes.

boat at boat slip on resort

4.) Time

Typical fall weather consists of cooler nights and mornings with temperatures starting to rise mid day, afternoons, and evening. The water will be significantly warmer during the afternoons and early evenings as the sun has been able to warm it all day. This is the time of day that fish are more likely to be biting and ready to eat.

5.) Change location

If you aren’t having luck at your normal fishing spot on the lake, consider heading upstream for the calmer waters. Insects are attracted to still waters and baitfish are attracted to insects. Once again, where you find the bait fish you can usually find the bigger fish.

Northern Resort on Lake Minocqua with lakeside cabins

Take advantage of the underrated fishing season that fall can offer. Don’t let this be the time the big one gets away! Give Nitschke's Northern Resort a call and book your next trip to the Northwoods of Wisconsin.



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