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3 Reasons A Winter Vacation Is Good For Your Health

Many people think of the tropics when contemplating a winter vacation. Soaking up the sun on a warm beach with a mai tai in their right hand seems to perfectly satisfy the soul. But this can be very costly, requires days of travel and may not be as healthy as you'd think - those unlimited buffet dinners and margaritas really add up.

girl blowing snow from hand

Well, at Nitschke's Northern Resort, we've got a better idea that can burn calories, give you much needed vitamin D and help curb the winter blues - a winter vacation in the Northwoods with us - for your health of course!

Reason #1 - Much Needed Vitamin D

During the winter, it can be extremely challenging to get enough vitamin D due to lack of exposure to the sun. Those who work a 9-to-5 job typically leave home and return home from work in the dark, receiving little, if any, daylight to synthesize this essential vitamin. Keri Carpenter, RD and Dietitian at Texas A&M explains just how essential vitamin D really is for us, "Vitamin D regulates the amount of calcium and phosphate we have in our blood, and it also helps calcium to be absorbed,” As a key ingredient to our overall health, especially in the winter, it's important that we find creative ways to get this vitamin daily... winter sports!

couple walking on snow

Winter sports offer an opportunity to get outdoors, breathe in the fresh, crisp air and soak up some much needed vitamin D. With Northern Resort being so close to one of Wisconsin's finest outdoor winter parks (Minocqua Winter Park), it's easy to get your daily dose of D while having a blast on the trails and slopes. Skiing, sledding, cross-country skiing and more is available for the whole family to enjoy.

Reason #2 - Burn More Calories

A recent study done by Dr. André Carpentier at the University of Sherbrooke hints at the new-found idea that exposure to cold temperatures can activate brown fat in your body to begin to burn calories easily and more effectively than white fat. Hmm... While his study is still ongoing, it is well known throughout the healthcare industry that going outside, especially during the winter months, is still a great way to burn calories that might otherwise not be burned while sitting indoors at home. While on vacation, most people are more likely to get up, explore the area and try something new like an outdoor winter sport - all ways to burn calories while simply having fun!

guy skiing

Reason #3 - Curb the Winter Blues

What used to be called "the winter blues" or "cabin fever" is now commonly referred to as SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. Those who experience it can tend to feel irritable, uninspired and downright grumpy during the darkest of winter days - and for good reason. Most of us are "stuck" inside with nothing to do and nowhere to go for a good part of winter. We'd like to change that!

The best advice given by healthcare professionals to curb the winter blues is to get fresh air daily, stay active, think positive and treat yourself (no really they said that 😏). They recommend making plans to go out and have fun to prevent the feeling of being trapped inside. Well...we've got a solution for you...Nitschke's Northern Resort!

woman with arms out in snow

Not only do we have some of the finest accommodations in Minocqua - which would of course put a smile on your face - but we also are located in the single most prime location for outdoor activities, in our opinion of course.

We are located directly on the BearSkin Trail, an 18-mile old railroad track converted into a winter snowmobiling route. Also, we are just a few miles from Minocqua Winter Park which offers tons of outdoor options. Plus, our resort rests on the shores of THEE Lake Minocqua, an ice fishing hub loved by all. Picture waking up, having your hot coffee, getting geared up and being able to walk just a few feet to the ice for a day's worth of catching the big one! Now that sounds like a real Wisconsin way to curb the winter blues naturally! Don't you?

Are you ready to book your mini winter vacation yet? Great! Give Nitschke's Northern Resort a call at 715-356-7795 to book your trip now before all the cabins fill up!



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