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Top 5 Places to Visit in Minocqua

Minocqua has earned the title as one of the best places to vacation in Wisconsin for a reason. Sprawling lakes, vast forests and a rich array of wildlife draws visitors from around the world year-round. With so many places to see and businesses to visit, one cannot possibly do everything Minocqua has to offer in just one trip.

Plus, life and the offerings in the area completely shift between the summer season and the winter season. The moving water of Lake Minocqua in the summer settles to a frozen rink in the winter offering vacationers the ability to ice fish and snowmobile.

Join us as we explore the top 5 places to visit in Minocqua, WI ANYTIME of year!

boy walking in snowy woods

Each of the following to places to visit offer a completely different experience based on when you visit: summer or winter. But all have one thing in common, they are a large reason why guests of Nitschke's Northern Resort choose to come back year after year, season after season.

As the name denotes, this is mostly a winter adventure spot. However, the owners of Winterpark do host a few events throughout the summer season as well. With miles of neatly groomed ski and snowshoeing trails and ski hills for skiing and tubing, Winterpark offers something for every age group and skill level. Season passes and private parties available.

snow skiing in minocqua wi

Minocqua's main park is the central hub for many annual festivals and events such as Beef-a-rama and Turkey Trot for a reason... it has all the amenities you could ask for in a park! Torpy Park offers a fresh water sandy beach, playground equipment for the kids, grills, tennis courts, volleyball and a pavilion for hosting parties year-round, plus more.

In the winter, Torpy Park offers an ice skating rink, warming area and plenty of places to watch the snowmobiles zoom on by. The park also offers spots to park your car, snowmobile or boat (depending on the season) so you can enjoy an afternoon walking through Minocqua's downtown business district. Plan a trip to soak up the sun or explore the snow at Torpy Park in Minocqua!

couple snow tubing in minocqua wi

Whether you shop, eat, drink or not, taking a stroll down the charming streets of downtown Minocqua is always a great way to spend the afternoon. Should you decide you want a bite to eat, this area offers everything you could want from fine dining, to casual fare or the always-satisfying, greasy bar food. Fresh hot cheese curds, ice cold beer and a Friday fish fry are always on the menu.

Also lining the streets are clothing boutiques, trinket stores, fudge shops and so much more! You'll even find a cozy wine bar, classic bakery and a sushi spot right down the street. You can never grow tired of seeing the beautifully-displayed storefront windows lining the streets. Offering guests a variety of food and shopping options is what makes the downtown area one of our top 5 places to visit.

woman shopping in minocqua wi

Lake Minocqua offers visitors an opportunity to explore nature from the comforts of a boat! Connecting 6 lakes total on what is called the Minocqua Chain of Lakes, Lake Minocqua is the central hub for traveling boaters. Dock your boat and walk around downtown Minocqua or anchor your boat off one of the islands and drop a line in the water.

During the winter, Lake Minocqua is sprinkled with ice shanties housing ice fishermen who have decided to brave the cold to catch today's big one! On any given day you'll find snowmobilers traveling across its frozen waters and the occasional ice skater gliding over its smooth ice. Whenever you choose to visit Minocqua, Lake Minocqua is a must see!

boy fishing from pier in minocqua wi

Topping our charts is the highly adored Bearskin Trail. This incredible trail was built on top of an old railroad corridor that previously connected central Wisconsin, Chicago and Milwaukee to the Northwoods. Now, granite crunches underfoot as hikers and bikers trek the same woods that many guests rode past on their way to Nitschke's Northern Resort by train.

What hosts thousands of avid outdoor enthusiast in the summer and fall switches gears completely during the winter season. The trails shut down to travelers on foot in favor of the snowmobiles. Keeping the locals and guests safe then becomes of utmost importance. Clear signage, smooth trails and plenty of snow-fences guide the snowmobilers along their journey. With over 18 miles of trail and a trail entrance directly on our property, the Bearskin has proudly earned our #1 spot on top places to visit in Minocqua, WI.

family biking on bearskin trail wisconsin

When you are ready to explore the Northwoods and you need a place to lay your head at night, give us a call to book a cabin. 715-356-7795. Large cabins, private bedrooms and multiple bathrooms make Nitschke's Northern Resort your #1 option for lodging in Minocqua.

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