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Pack Your Bags, We're Heading Up North!

Summer is in full swing in the Northwoods of Wisconsin and the lake is just waiting for you to take a dip. If you've already secured your cabin reservation, I'm sure you've thought about WHAT you will pack. But have you given much thought to HOW you will pack for your trip? Don't worry, we've got you covered!

The staff at our resort has compiled a handful of tips to make packing your bags so much easier and efficient! Follow the helpful ideas below and you'll be a vacation packing pro!

1. First off, MAKE A LIST! I can't tell you how essential this first step is in making the whole packing experience go smoother. Work on your list during the week before you go so all your random thoughts of what you may need or what you do not want to forget are all on paper and out of your head. Then, the day before you're set to leave, gather all your belongings and get ready for #2.

checking list

2. Pair down to only what you absolutely need. When traveling, it's always best to travel light. After you've made your list and set out all the items on your bed, look at each item and ask yourself..."Can I do without this?". Instead of bringing a coat in preparation of a worst-case scenario, bring layers. Instead of bringing full size shampoo and conditioner bottles, grab a small to-go set from the store. Don't grab that huge bottle of lotion or body butter, scoop some out and put it into a small travel size container. For a 7 day vacation, bring only 4 sets of clothes and do laundry once while you're there. Our resort has a wonderful coin-op laundry facility on the grounds with many washers and dryers for your convenience.

pulling suitcase

Now you're ready to start packing....

3. Roll, don't fold! Rolling your clothes instead of folding your clothes can significantly reduce wrinkles. This eliminates the need for ironing and can free up some time on your well-deserved vacation.

no ironing on vacation

4. Keep essential items close at hand. Stock up a backpack with things such as snacks, books, headphones, a tablet, a sweatshirt and lip balm. Whatever you need to get through a whole day without your luggage is ideal. Using a backpack instead of a purse or duffel bag allows your hands to be free during foot travel. Some even recommend packing a simple outfit in your backpack, including underwear, just in case your luggage is lost or delayed by the airport.

woman wearing backpack

5. Place personal toiletry items in plastic zipper bags. Have you ever opened your suitcase only to find that your shampoo burst open due to pressure in the airplane? Have you ever found that your lip stick or lip balm melted by the heat and leaked on the clothes in your bag? If you have, you know exactly why I am mentioning this. If you haven't yet had the experience, be grateful, you're one of the lucky ones. But take it from us who have and place all liquids, solids, creams and balms in a plastic baggie that closes completely...we warned you!

putting on lip stick

6. Hide money in an opaque, empty container. I recently read this tip on a travel blog I follow and thought it was the greatest idea since sliced bread! Wash out an old container like a shampoo bottle or peanut can (something that is not see-thru of course) and air dry. Stuff your travel cash into the container and close. Then, place in your luggage or backpack and fear not, if you were ever robbed or pick-pocketed, your vacation cash would likely be safe. Who would look for cash in a old peanut can?

money in jar

7. Ladies, ditch the giant purse. When we talk about traveling light, we're also talking about your purse. A small purse can do the same trick, with a lot less liability and weight. Sort through and keep home all the unnecessary financial cards you won't need on your trip. Remove personal information such as social security cards or family photos. Take only what you need and nothing else. On vacation, we go lots of new places and do lots of new things all of which, are great opportunities to accidentally leave a purse somewhere then not remember where we left it. Eliminate this situation completely by switching to a smaller purse, preferably one that goes across your shoulder to free up your hands once again. Another tip...write down the phone number of every financial institute for the cards you DO bring. Leave this information in your car or at your cabin. If you lose your purse or it gets stolen, you can easily and quickly call to cancel the cards immediately.

woman wearing purse

8. Keep a positive attitude. Packing for and physically traveling to get to your destination can be stressful at times. Keep it positive by being prepared for mishaps and hiccups. Be playful with your spouse instead of nit-picking. Be silly with the kids instead of yelling (by the way, this does not work with teenagers, sorry, there's nothing you can do about Make sure everyone stays well hydrated and well fed to eliminate the "hunger anger". Understand that schtuff happens so take care of it and move on. You ARE in charge of YOUR attitude regardless of what happens so smile through it, after all, it is YOUR vacation!

happy couple

We are so excited to have you travel to our resort and can't wait to see your faces as you pull up and see the view. Use our packing tips to plan ahead for a successful trip and watch how smooth everything goes. If you have any packing tips you'd like to share, leave us a comment or email us today!

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