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A Northwoods Winter Vacation!

Have you ever taken a winter Northwoods vacation? It's about time you do! Our resort is perfect for year-round vacations. The sun rooms provide a beautiful view whether you're watching ice fisherman or kids ice skating on the frozen lake. And with most cabins having a fireplace in more than one room, you are sure to be very comfortable even during the coldest nights of the year. Imagine a warm, crackling fire, a hot chocolate in your hand (maybe spiked, maybe not) and your favorite pajamas on. Aren't you feeling toasty already!


But don't worry, a vacation 'Up North' isn't all about sitting around a warm fire, that's only for after a long day outdoors! During the day, there are tons of winter activities to do.

Are you into snowmobiling? Our trails are amazing! Cross Country Cruisers is a trail watching organization that is always sending me updates on the conditions of the trails, events pertaining to snowmobiling and things to watch out for. (Follow us on facebook for the most recent updates). So far we have had wonderful snowmobiling weather with sunny days, cold nights and lots of snow. Check out these pictures of the Bearskin Trail and the entrance to the trail which starts on our property...

Snowmobiling isn't your thing? Trust me, there are tons of other winter activities to do in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Cross-country skiing, snow shoeing, ice fishing, trail blazing (oops, yeah, that's still snowmobiling), and even snowman building! Most of the restaurants and gift shops are still open for a nice night on the town or make a day out of finding those perfect trinkets you can only find at unique, up north boutiques.

So whatever your fancy this time of year, you can be sure that a winter vacation at the Northern Resort in Minocqua, Wisconsin is your ticket to a great time! Get rid of the winter blues, get out of the house and come hang with us soon! Contact us now for availability, but hurry, you're not the only one looking for a great time in January! See you soon.

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