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Staff Party!

We have such an amazing staff here at our resort!

cleaning staff at Minocqua resort

We are very grateful that these women make the seasonal and sometimes yearlong commitment to help keep our resort running smoothly. These ladies do so much more than just clean our cabins (which they do very well by the way), they really ensure that every leaf has been overturned so-to-speak.

They walk through each home to make sure everything is stocked as it should be, every pillow has been fluffed and every spare blanket is available and neatly stacked. They are the last person to walk through a home in preparation for the new guests to arrive. They understand how every little detail effects the guest experience and their first impression of our resort as a whole.

cleaning staff at family resort in minocqua

And this, my friends, is something that the ladies and I do not take lightly. I have always been a stickler for cleanliness (just ask my two daughters how many times they had to clean a bathroom before it was up to my standards). Just as I hold my household to a high standard, so do I require my cleaning staff to maintain those same standards...and I'm not afraid to be thought of as a drill sergeant to get the job done!

As a small business owner, our reputation is all we have (ok, along with some killer views of Lake Minocqua, a beautiful forest landscape and gorgeous sunsets...but that's beyond the point). And we are proud to say that we regularly get compliments on how clean and well-maintained our cabins are.

So in honor of all those Saturdays that these ladies get up early and bust their humps to get 17 cabins clean in 6 hours or less to MY standards, have some pizza and beer on us! Thanks ladies for another successful get back to work, we're filling up for Christmas break! haha.

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